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We are a sales agency in Houston, Texas helping global brands sell their products and services.

Ark Business Development was founded to help companies increase their revenues by selling their products and services to thousands of interested customers face-to-face. We don't do digital, telemarketing, or ads. In a world of AI and screens, we still believe in the power of genuine conversations and real, in-person, relationships between brands and customers!

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Our Mission

At Ark Business Development, our goal is to create an environment in which the future of our people is what matters most. Our mission is to do everything possible to provide a launching pad for our people to grow and achieve their goals while holding clear and high standards of excellence.

Our Core Values


With Growth as a core value, we are always innovating, looking for new ways to make our clients and our people shine. We focus on the personal and professional growth of our people and in turn ARK grows.


We pride ourselves on being flexible and willing to make changes when necessary. As a company we have our antennae tuned to the signals of change to be ready for whatever comes our way. From experience, those that are adaptable tend to thrive in our high pace direct sales environment.


What is your reason for doing what you do? Why did you wake up this morning? Here are ARK Business Development, we stay connected to our purpose daily as we move through the everyday challenges of business. We teach our people to make decisions and lead with their purpose to become the most inspirational person in any room.


Leadership for ARK is described as influence. The ability to influence people to make better decisions, influence people to perform at higher levels, influence people to live a better quality of life. The ultimate job of a leader is to evolve and grow other leaders. At ARK, we are building the leaders of tomorrow.


We, at ARK Business Development, believe having a strong sense of purpose, persistence, and accomplishment are crucial to continuing to hit goals on a consistent basis. Top performers are always recognized and rewarded for their results.


Simply put, we believe healthy competition drives success. In order to flourish at ARK Business Development, one must possess healthy doses of internal and external competitiveness. Competition drives one to be better and to constantly look to improve. CANI; Constant And Never-ending Improvement.

What we excel at:

We raise the bar when it comes to providing exceptional face-to-face marketing and customer acquisition expertise.

Direct marketing & Sales

As a leader in the B2C retail marketing and sales industry, ARK Business Development implements a direct consulting approach; we meet with qualified consumers face-to-face rather than over the phone or via email.

Account acquisition

ARK Business Development is dedicated to providing top-notch, personalized customer service to each and every consumer. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to focus specifically on each person’s needs.

Brand expansion

Houston is just the beginning for ARK Business Development! We plan to expand our clients into new markets every year, increasing their name-brand recognition and customer base. Growth is our main focus!

Customer satisfaction

Our marketing and sales representatives interact face-to-face with our clients’ target consumers, build quality relationships with them, create loyalty, and increase customer retention.

Leadership advancement

Learn how to develop and manage a team at ARK Business Development! We first focus on having our team members learn how to manage their own time and customers; we then add training and developing others to the mix.

Entry-Level Training

At ARK Business Development, we have an extensive training program for entry-level team members that starts with a strong pitch, product knowledge, and understanding customer concerns.

Our Team

Ark Team Member
Founder & President

Dean Habeeb

Dean is originally from Kent, Ohio, home of Kent State University. He lived there his whole life until he moved away for college. Dean attended college at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. He played Division 1 college soccer and earned a Bachelor’s in Supply Chain Management.

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Ark Team Member
Team Lead

Ector Patino

What brought Ector to ARK was seeing the team’s focus on personal development and company culture. Ector is very excited about the opportunity to grow as a person and as an influence on those around him.

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Why We Exist

We exist to build our people into the best versions of themselves they can be so that one day they can expand our face-to-face sales services into new markets.

Having fun and creating life long friendships comes with the process.

Ark Business Development TeamArk Business Development TeamArk Business Development TeamArk Business Development TeamArk Business Development TeamArk Business Development Team