Dean Habeeb

Founder & President


Dean is originally from Kent, Ohio, home of Kent State University. He lived there his whole life until he moved away for college. Dean attended college at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. He played Division 1 college soccer and earned a Bachelor’s in Supply Chain Management. Dean’s favorite part about leading the ARK team is the people. He loves watching them grow and providing unlimited opportunities for himself and his entire team. Dean is most excited about the expansion plans that ARK has in store as they look to expand into two new markets by the year-end of 2024. Dean’s hobbies include playing golf, watching sports, traveling, and hanging out with family and friends.

Areas of expertise

  • Leadership Development
  • Sales Training
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Communications
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming

Favorite quote

“You can play now and work later, or you can work now and play later, but whichever you decide to do, the latter will be exponential.”